Our first user submission is from Queen who’s cat’s name is Kahleesi! Here in the images above Kahleesi is 3 months old but ever since then, she has grown quite a bit. Here is a small description of Kahleesi provided by Queen:

“This is Kahleesi. She’s a short-haired calico Siamese (we think). She’s extremely vocal and hates being left in rooms alone. She’s extremely cuddly but gets an attitude every once in a while. Shes a brat to my dog but will then cuddle and drool all over him.”

Boo Boo is an older puppy, so he usually doesn’t have the same energy as Kahleesi, however they still love each other and cuddle up often!

Here is an image of Kahleesi with Boo Boo and Hercules:

one cat and two dogs  Cat  

Queen also provided us with a video of Kahleesi asking mom constantly for her dinner! As you can see Kahleesi was definitely a very vocal kitty and she still is! There is also another video of Kahleesi snuggling Boo Boo!

We want to thank Queen for being our first user submission and sharing her beautiful kitty with us. We can’t wait to hear more about Kahleesi in the future posts!! We look forward to getting more user submissions and creating a friendly cat-loving community!